Wednesday, April 1, 2009

MCA Endurance Kart Race

At City Karting,Shah Alam

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wouldn't be nice to drive a Scooby here.?

Haha....actually,it was from a drive last week to East Coast with Osflanker.My fellow BMWClub friend,POP(Persatuan Ombak Papan) Puchong and fellow HPC Instructor.

We were loving the drive and would love to share it with our "biatch" that owns a Forrester 2.5 Sti and his Gertrude GT3.

Dude,we even found Bak Kut Teh in Gua Musang and a nice chick.

Part One

Part Two

Thinking of a convoy with the Touge King and BC Machine guys too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scav...this is for you

This is what might be on the 15th...

Going thru a a staggered gate...its all about forward planning.

PS: My real drifting idol will be there as well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Defensive Driving Course.

My buddy Touge King is holding a driving class conducted by a driving sifu Sean Khoo. I've missed his class once and will never give it a go again. I saw what he can do and I did had a Taxi ride in Kookabura,my Starlet KP61 with him on the steering wheel. Believe me....I was gosmacked!!! He was tailing a E46M3 (one of his student ) during his class at Shah Alam Stadium car park....damn!!! You have to be in the car to to believe it.

So what are you guys waiting for.I heard that the 15th March session is almost full.
Sign Up Guys!!!!!

"Copied and paste"

Defensive Driving Course with Sean Khoo 3/15 OR 3/16

Folks, we will be conducting a Defensive Driving Course in conjunction with the infamous Sean Khoo. Sean is a very difficult man to track down, so this is a rare occasion.

If you are a motorsports enthusiast, clueless new driver, think-you-are-better-than-god-expert-driver, car dealer, or any car nut, this course will be a lot of fun, and it will come in handy when you get into an emergency driving situation.

Who is Sean, you asked?


Chief Instructor Drive Wise Sdn Bhd
Safety Car Driver for Sepang International Circuit
Safety Car Driver for Asian Festival of Speed (AFOS)
Fast Intervention for Sepang International Circuit
Chief Instructor for Lotus Cars Club of Malaysia
Chief Instructor for St John Ambulance of Malaysia
Shell and BP/Castrol Approved Training provider

Sean attended many courses and taught many as well. I was having a hard time deciding if I should list his full experience here, but seriously, it was too long :D ! So here's the link to download his CV.

Anyway, here are details of the Defensive Driving Course:

Venue: Kg Gajah, Dato' Sagor Track
Time: March 15th (Sat) OR March 16th (Sun) 2008
starting at 9am (1 day course, choose 3/15 or 3/16)
Fee: RM750 per student
Car: Bring your own car

Payment details:
The Rigpa Centre
MBB account no : 5081 7761 1306
(Pre-payment required before the 10th of March.)

A certificate of attendance will be issued upon completion of the course.

(Snacks will be served in the morning, followed by lunch later in the day.)

Questions? Call Kenny @ 017 5355 123 or Call me @ 016 50 666 00.

Update 1: March 15th (Sat) is almost full. Please sign up early to avoid disappointment.

What a day!!

Sorry folks,Was totally out .Lazy to update my blog.Too busy with works and my new house.

Happy Chinese New to all ..!!! Tai Keh Tua Huat Chai Ah!!!!!!

After 36 years, I finally learn how to do a back flip.Thanks to a very hyperactive lanky and sexy girl who can dance very well too....! She taught me how to do it on a trampoline at Aaron's wakeboarding area. Osflanker was the one who suggest that I learn from the best and I did. My back flip is not that least I did it. There are phobia's of landing face on but the lesson from the lanky girl really works.

The Pro wakeboarder fromAustralia Brad also teaches me how to do it ...his method is different,I was taught how to do it while holding the rope.Thanks Brad.

Here's a clips from Osflanker.

And one more thing....It's a small world after all. I heard that I got an admirer who read my blog and a friend of the admirer mention about me while at my BMW workshop today.Osflanker introduced me to Cheryl.

Hey....cheryl sends her regards!!!! tada!!!!!

I was at my BMW workshop,poisoning a members of the BMWClub Malaysia to buy my yellow E30 and Osflanker hooke me up with the nice lady.I heard she went for BMW Drivers Training as well. Cheryl says that I got a fan...??? haha...Whoever you are. Here's Cheryl.

Then I rushed home,told my wife ..dress up! We are going to another friend's house somewhere near Sg.Buloh to his CNY open house. The meal was superb. Lovely house with huge aqaurium that goes down 20 footer plus and very nice cars. My friend even treat my kids with some fireworks.I even met with a rythmic gymnast gold medal winner in 1998 Comonwealth Gams,Serena. She's also the girlfriend of Alvin.The Principal of HPC Events. I enroled my daughter as her student. I want my daughter to learn gymnastic....thats would be fun to see in the future.LOL.
Will post up the video of fireworks soon...but guys.Please look at the cars!!! 2 unit of the new 6 series Cabrio and my favoruite The Honda thats a car.I drove it at HPC event in Sepang SIC...Damn!!!!!! Nice!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Beautiful Boxer


I've watched the movie last son dug out the VCD and I never get bored of the movie.
This movie really touched me. The guy , now lady really exist. I saw her being featured sometime ago in National Geography.

I just wanna share my thoughts...I'm not a softy.but hey,they are humans. we should treat people like humans.
The Siamese really make good guys should see it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

9th Dec Kampung Gajah Track Day Pictures And Videos

The Fun Begins!!!
We had our breakfast and the BC Machine guys that convoy from Bukit Mertajam was already half way there.

Tan was there early to sought out some gremlins on his Perdana,He intercepted their hour early!!

He paged me through their PTT( Maxis Push To Talk) Chanel that I shud go there asap.I helped by telling them that they shud have fun..but must adhere to the rules that was stated in TK's blog.

- No smoking in the track,
-passing signals
- basic proper sitting and steering .
-only one passenger allowed .

if you guys wanna learn proper car control technic...I highly recomends that you guys join the High Perfomance Events.

As for newbies that came along with them.. Tan suggest that previous outing participant sits with them and roughly tell them the lines at a slow 5laps ,stricly no overtaking. And they themself agrees that the newbie goes in among them.

As for those who driven in the track before...they agree that they won't be driving whenever the newbies are bunch.!

Peng's and the guys came an hour after that...he came with his Subaru Verison 7.His colleuge also tag along...both of them from Smart Car club from the Central Region.

Here's the pictures...passing thru the Grandstand.

My brother's E36 328i M.

Jay Kang's Perdana E2 M

Peng from KL with his Scoobies.....Dude,I hate you now! Why did you let me drive ur car?? Now i'm crazy over Scoobies....hehe!

Andrew in Honda EG6 and Calven Toyota Vios

 brother again.

Here's Fasso...with his Toyota 4AGZE AE86 front cut.He just recently installed the Hankook RS2 tyres n the front and keeps complaining that his car gott no grip on the rear tyres....bah!!! I told you so...the Hankook are grippy!

TK is a very kind man...he ask Kenneth Smart Roadster to park in his place.

We had stop for lunch and prayers ...everybody was hungry .
But the good fun really starts after that...its rained. Tougeking went out with his friends....I can't resist,I joined them in my Starlet trying to drift.Almost evrybody joined...even my brother

Look at TK's Toyota....the rear wheel actually lifted off the ground!!! Awesome.!!!

Here's the best picture...too bad,the stands barrier was in the way.*sigh*

A newbie from KL...Jeff from California,who came with his Brother In Law. I met him at HPC last month in Sepang Circuit during the HPC events.Julian,the HPC Chief instructor ask me about Jeff's E30 that surging in corners...and always spun whenever exiting corners.

I found out that his throttle body springs are tension are hard...I loosen it a round and wahla!!!! The car is back....more easierto drive.
Here's a pictures of me driving his car trying to figure out his problems...HArd on accelerator and spuns easily. Damn...His E30 looks sexy from behind.

Here's Clement's MME Track car....Lau Hia and Tan trying to give chase during the rain...and the MME driver was way too good for them. They couldn't even catch up.

BC Machine guy....Lau Hia,damn daring driver. A bit of Ah Beng tho.

and here's my Starlet in action.

But of all the pictures that my son snapped....I wonder what the hell are the girls thinking about.

I find it daughter disturbing somebody's girlfriend. haha..

It was a fun weekend...evcerybody had fun.They drove on dry track...then when TK went crazy drifting ,heck! even me joinning him and the rest joined in.

I had a minor problems too...the clips for my clutch cable broke ! I drove for almost 3 laps without clutch...oh well,a good time for me to practise my cluthless shifting.
I lost it when I was trying to drift but I spun then the engine dies ,Henry the BC Machine mechanics fixed my problem by adding a hose clips .The videos is still in
the hands of the BC Machine guys up north. Awaiting the cds from them....! quik guys....I can't wait.

We finish off our track day at almost 6pm...while everybody was packing up to go.The hornbills decides to dropby to bid goodbye.

No doubt it was a fun weekend driving in Kampung Gajah track...but for those who's interested to know the limit of your car..and learn car controls.By all mean...please have a look at the HPC events. TK and me were merely helping friends to book a date in Kampung Gajah and not as a competitors to HPC events.Whom we've learned so much and respect !!
Who knows,I might ask the HPC Management to book the track for its instructors Alvin,Brian...Kenny???? Call me Zoggee at 1-800-Come la Scared ah!!?

Cheers guys..